Zorgverslimmer award 2021

Magnus Pettersson

Mindler is een van oorsprong Zweedse GGZ-instelling, in 2018 opgezet door twee psychologen en een medisch specialist/tech-ondernemer. Met de missie wereldwijde geestelijke gezondheid te bevorderen voor iedereen – door psychologen en bewezen behandelmethoden meer toegankelijk te maken via innovatieve online technologie – is Mindler in 2019 naar Nederland gekomen. Zorgverslimmer Magnus Pettersson is als Head of International Expansion verantwoordelijk voor het neerzetten en uitbreiden van Mindler binnen de Nederlandse markt. Het profiel van Magnus is in het Engels geschreven, zodat zijn woorden hun kracht en betekenis niet verliezen door vertaling.

“There are more than 1 billion people worldwide that suffer from mental health disorders daily, whereas there are only about 1 million trained people that could help these people get better mental health. Something needed to be done. So we decided to build an app that connects people who need mental help to a psychologist, but also to combine that connection with a technical solution that provides selfcare tools that make the treatment more efficient and also keeps you mentally healthy for a longer period”, tells Magnus us.

“We are on a mission of making the most efficient mental healthcare treatment available to everyone and we have only just begun.”

According to Magnus, seeing a psychologist when you need it the most should only be a few clicks away on your mobile phone, no matter where you are or who you are. Mindler is a digital mental healthcare provider that offers an app where you can book a meeting with a psychologist of choice, without waiting times. Furthermore, the app is equipped with self-care programs and modules to help self-manage your mental health problems, long after you have gone through a treatment to maintain your mental health for the rest of your life. By combining psychological expertise and cutting-edge technology, Mindler has shortened the average treatment length, made access to psychologists available within 24 hours and treated more than 50.000 people.

“We have only just begun with Mindler”, says Magnus. “We’re on a mission of making the most efficient mental healthcare treatment available to everyone. There is so much you can do with technology today that will rewrite the ways we will provide treatment in the future. We have already started to explore how to provide more efficient personalised care, available for all. To keep on improving and to succeed in our mission, we need all the support we can get.”


If everything is allowed and possible, what would you want to see smarter and how?

“I would like to see a smarter system that allows people to get support for seeking help for their mental health. Today there are unnecessary gatekeepers and other obstacles you need to overcome to get access to care, in a time when you need it the most. For instance, why do you need to see your GP to get help for your mental health? Should you not be able to see an expert in the field (psychologist) directly, so you get the help you need quicker?”

Who do you think is a Zorgverslimmer and why?

“Every day we strive to make our offering better. We try to make sure we provide the best care to the lowest cost for society. We will not be satisfied until mental health care disorders is something you read in the history books. I think a Zorgverslimmer is someone who doesn’t settle until their vision is fulfilled. I won’t settle until everyone in the world has access to better mental health.”

What do you like to do when you are not busy smartening healthcare? 

“When I’m not busy making smarter healthcare, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I have two small children, so I am still trying to figure out how to be the best dad possible. I also love being close to water, so I guess that is why I enjoy spending time in the Netherlands, as there is water surrounding you everywhere. It brings a calming feeling to your mind after a busy day!”